ARASEAL is a two component epoxy compound having excellent bonding properties and resistance to chemicals.
  • Seals, Bonds, Fixes & Holds
  • PHENOL free
  • Available in 3 variants

  • Sealing blow holes, cracks and leakages in ferrous and non-ferrous castings.
  • Sealing cracks in wooden and metal patterns/fabrications.
  • Sealing and insulating cable terminals, cable entry into switch boxes, machines etc.
  • Sealing leakages in transformers, oil-circuit breakers and other switchgear.
  • Filling body dents & cracks
  • Sealling leakages in radiators, petrol/diesel tanks, water tanks, engine blocks etc.
  • Repairing and sealing of all sanitary applications.
  • Moulding into decorative articles.
How to Apply:
  • Take equal quantities(length) of resin and hardener.
  • Kneed till uniform colours are obtained.
  • Apply on a dirt-free, clean surface.
  • Machining, drilling, polishing can be done after 24 hours.
  • Applications of indirect heat accelerates the setting.
Variant Properties:

Variants Setting Time Packings Available
Araseal GP 180 mins 75g, 100g & 1Kg
Araseal ZAT-PAT 20 mins 15g, 30g
Araseal FC 30 mins 100g and 1Kg
Araseal White 180 mins 100g
Araseal All Set 10g, 20g 40g
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