Karpenter SR
ARALDITE Karpenter-SR ZATPAT is a heavy brown viscous liquid of brushing viscosity. ARALDITE Karpenter-SR ZATPAT is formulated after intense R&D efforts to address diverse application needs of the industry.

  • Heat resistant adhesive
  • Suitable for Multiple applications
  • Fast drying
  • Higher coverage is 35 to 40sq feet
  • Bonds flexible as well as rigid substrates

  • Furniture
  • Footwear
  • Flooring
  • Automotive & Coach building

Strong bonding of following material:
  • Flexible / Rigid PVC flooring.
  • PU foam to foam & Upholstery.
  • Leather cloth, leather, polyester glass fiber, rubber sheet and extrusions; all of which may be bonded to each other or to hardboard, chipboard, plywood, laminate, painted or unpainted metal.
  • SR ZATPAT is specially recommended for vertical lamination applications or where fast curing is the key in wood working areas.
How to Apply:
  • The materials to be bonded should be dry, clean and free of dust, grit, loose materials, oil or grease.
  • Using a brush or spreader, apply a thin even coating of adhesive to botht of the surfaces.
  • Allow the solvent content to evaporate before bonding the materials. The time for this evaporation will depend on the temperature and humidity. On absorbent or permeable materials such as leather/chipboard, bonding may be possible within 2-3 minutes of application; or non-absorbent or non-permeable materials such as formica/metal a minimum of 10-15 minutes should elapse before the surfaces are bonded.
  • Bond the materials under firm pressure.
  • Incase of large surface to be bonded, it is advisable to keep a log / wooden piece in between the substrates at the time of pressing. Proper care has to be taken while bonding these substrates.
  • Dried coatings of SR ZATPAT may be reactivated by wiping over the surfaces with suitable solvent.
Precautions & Limitations:
  • It is advisable not to do realignment of substrates after they are pressed firmly as this may lead to cracking of film.
  • Mandatory and recommended industrial hygeine should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed.
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